5 Reason's Why You Should Hire A Magician.

Updated: Jan 16

So you've got an event upcoming and need something to give it the WOW factor, the sock knocker-offer! You want your guests to leave with some unforgettable moments and memories!. Well Here are five reasons why a magician is a great addition to your event!


Regardless if it's a garden party, a corporate do at the Hilton, socially distanced or a virtual show, Magic can be performed in all scenarios and still maintain its awe of wonder and amazement. Currently I have been offering online magic shows that pack a punch! You can learn more about booking one here!

The Icebreaker

"DID YOU SEE THAT?" "HOW DID HE DO THAT?" Are you worried some guests may not chat or be engaged? No more awkward silences, It's time to smash that ice! Events are stressful enough to plan without worrying if everyone will enjoy themselves. Magic will get you guests interacting with each other and have them telling you what a great job you've done with the entertainment!

It's Different

So it's your birthday and you're looking for that je ne sais quoi! You want your guests to have the best time and to make it stand out from Becky's birthday last week. Fear not! I can help. I could tell you why but I feel as if this 5 star review sums it up nicely.

S Mounter - "Chris - what can I say! WOW! Book him, book him, book him! I booked him for my 30th birthday party to work around my guests. The positive feedback I got from friends after he had performed a trick for them, I wish I'd seen every one! The slight of hand that you are sure you're going to spot - nope. So clever! He is such a nice guy as well and slips in amongst your guests easily. Seriously I could not recommend this guy enough!"

Fun at a corporate do!


Let me explain. A DJ/ band will need time to set-up and if they are any issues with sound quality of gear/ equipment there could be a delay. A Magician can start wowing your guests as soon as he gets there! No equipment (except the occasional pack of cards) or set up required!

It's Fun!

Magic is fun! I may be bias on that front but all the people that I've performed to, they have always walked away with a smile and an unforgettable memory! If you want to make your event unforgettable, get in touch with me and let's make it happen!

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