Creating a New Show

Since last October/ November, I've been doing virtual magic shows and been having a blast with them! It's different for sure, but there's still oodles of fun that you can have with the audience.

I've decided to spice things up and create a new show for this year.

It's nice to change/ spice things up and means I can try some new stuff. It also means I don't get stuck performing the same old same old and when I come back to it, I may have some new ideas.

How Do You Make a New Show?

"So Many Books, So Little Time" - Frank Zappa.

There are probably a million way to create a new show but here's how I do mine.

Now I have a multitude of magic books at my disposal, as well as downloads, dvds, pdf's etc. What I tend to do is pick 5 books at random and skim through the book, looking for an effect I think will work for a virtual audience.

I look for two outstanding but relatively random effects from two different books. Once I think I've found the two big effects that will be the backbone of the show, it is then a case of linking them together.

5 books at random!

How Do You Link them Together?

"Be like water" - Bruce Lee.

Effects can be linked together in numerous ways. Chris Ramsay suggests going through the dictionary and picking a random word then using that as a focal point for an effect.

I try and find a way to flow from one to another, not necessarily straight into the second effect I've created.

For example say the first BIG effect is about mind reading and the second BIG effect was a visual coin routine. You could talk about when you mind read, people always ask if you'd use it in everyday situations. You could go into an effect where you predict the amount of coins in someone's pocket or the serial number on a bill. From there you have a logical step into the next BIG effect: the visual coin routine.

I've Got the Show. Now What?

"The trouble with most of us is that we'd rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism" - Norman Vincent Peale

Now you've got the effects and found your flow, it's the easy part now. Practice, practice practice. And practice some more. But the most crucial part; show your friends or your peers. You want to have some feedback, some criticism. This worked, that didn't. Don't do this, change the order. They're not saying it to be rude or mean. If anything, they're being kind by giving you the feedback.

Criticism is a great functional tool that'll help get your show to the next level. After you've taken notes and make the changes, you could show it to them again or if you're happy, get the world ready for your epic show!

Ta Da!

Closing Thoughts

Remember this is one of many ways to create a show. You may have another way and if you do, I'd love to hear your process!

If there's one thing to take away from this - even if you're not a magician - it's look for criticism. It helps you grow and improve what you're working on to create something better.

If you'd like to see my new virtual show, drop me a message!



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