Fifty Two Shades of Sleights!

Updated: 7 days ago

To start, a huge thank you to all who bought tickets to the online public shows for the past few Fridays! If meant a lot to me and I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone! I hope that you did too!

I will look at doing online public shows again soon (watch this space) but if you have a birthday coming up and you're not too sure how to celebrate? The online interactive magic show would be a great fit that will be tailored to your event, be it a birthday or a company get-together. Get in touch to see how it would work!

In the interim between the shows though, it gives me a chance to practice and focus on areas that I love... false deals and cheating.

Not a bad starting hand.

I love magic but those that know me, know that I began this pursuit because of Shade: a film all about card cheats and hustlers. The intro of the film is essentially an amateur card mechanics dream: false deals, switches, stacking the deck. It is truly mesmerising to watch. For those that haven't seen it, I'd watch it just for that!

Shade: the film that started it all!

I have begun working on some gambling routines that revolve around card cheating and gambling. Inspiration for these come from many sources and studying masters of their craft (Richard Turner, Darwin Ortiz, Jason England and Jason Ladanye to name a few)! These things take time, but once I feel they're good enough and ready to share, you may find a video demonstrating some of these!

Thanks for reading and once again, thank you to all who supported the show.

Stay safe and speak soon!



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