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A few weeks back, I was perusing through YouTube and came across a video titled "How I remember everything I read" and I thought.... no way! I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast let alone the last thing I read!

The YouTuber is Ali Abdaal, A Cambridge based doctor who has some great content on productivity! During that video he mentioned an App called Notion. Notion is essentially your daily organiser, journal, task list rolled into one. Since I was trying to Journal and have always failed with a physical journal (I used to lose/ misplace it and find it several days/ weeks later like, "oh yeah... I was trying to journal") I thought I'd give this a try.

Since using Notion - and I'm sure there are many app's like it - my productivity has definitely increased. I feel more focused in the direction I'm taking, have consistently written in the journal every day and now have a good method of remembering more (not all) of what I read. For me this is better than a physical journal as I was useless at keeping it in one place and if I tried to do it in bed, I'd be asleep before the pen hit the paper!

So here are some of my tips to help you be more productive:

Write It Down

Ever since writing down what I need to do in the app, I've felt more of a push to do that particular task, whatever it may be. It helps clarify your goals and intentions and has kept me motivated to do it daily.

Note Your Intentions for the Day.

Speaking of intentions! Noting down what you want to achieve for the day helps you record anything that has your attention for that day. It can help your mind clear and remove some of the chaos that can surround a day. Noting it down will help you prioritise. Note: this isn't a task list, more like an overview of what you aim to achieve.

Create Action Items

A "To Do" list or Action items is great to become more productive. First off there's the dopamine release you get when ticking off a task, and help you prioritise what is important to do. I have three sections to this that I got from reading "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferris" and "Six Habits" by Laura DiBenedetto:

Mission Critical - Two goals that I have to do in order to achieve the larger goal.

For these, it was related to making the overall goal, of magic as a career. It would cover things from practice a specific move for a show, ensure the lessons with the students went well, Prepare for the show later that day. Anything to help me edge towards the dream.

To Make things easier tomorrow - Two goals that will help tomorrow be easier.

This was from the Six Habits - what can I do today, that'll make the next day easier? Again for me, this was mainly related to magic but not as mission critical. Plan a FB promo, draft email campaigns/ newsletters, get screenshot of reviews, create a social media post.

Help me be my best self - Things that I can work on to help me become a better person.

This was all to with me, selfishly but we need to reflect on ourselves sometimes. For me this was about physio/ yoga, the running, currently the no sugar diet and noting what day I'm on, spending time with friends (via the internet of course) and time with my better half.

Don't let your mind become messed!

These next few aren't related to the app per se but are still useful in my opinion.

Schedule When To Do Things By

I'm not saying schedule every minute as this is life and this can naturally go awry that are out of our control. But having a rough plan for the day will make you become more organised, which helps you become more productive as a by-product.

Wake Up Early

Waking up early and starting your day before your competitors gives you the edge. By the time they wake up, you've already achieved some of the goals on your list!

Batch It

This idea is from "The 4 Hour Work Week".

If you have lots of little things to do; expenses, filing, recording videos, newsletter writing etc. Don't just do one then call it there. It is more effective to chunk the work together and get it all done in a one go. You'll have more sense of accomplishment knowing how much you've just achieved!

Notion has definitely helped change my life for the better - which sounds cheesy - but it's true. Now there may be similar apps to Notion but this is the one I've been using and that I'm comfortable with. If you're wanting to be more productive, I hope some of these tips help you achieve what you're after. Keeping a journal, be it physical or an app, can definitely help declutter your mind and set out what you want. Now go get after it you champion!



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