My Top 5 Magicians

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Come on...You're all intrigued!

In no apparent order, here are my top 5 magicians and those who have inspired me to do magic, with links to some of their magic! Get ready to have your mind blown!

Richard Turner

Richard Turner - Dealt

If you've not seen Dealt (it's on Youtube for like... £8 or so), stop what you're doing, put down the crochet, and go watch it. Richard Turner is known as a card mechanic and is one of the best - if not the best - in the world. He's the kind of guy the mafia would use in a film to fix a game of poker. Smooth and imperceptible with a deck of cards, truly a sight (not that you'll see it) to behold.

David Williamson

Big Dave doing....big Dave things

Funny and quirky, David Williamson is absolutely hilarious and I love his style; I would say his presentation style is what I aim for! On top of his hilarity, his sleight of hand is superb and has won multiple awards including: the Academy of the Magical Arts' Close-up Magician of the Year in 1989 and 1990, Lecturer Magician of the Year in 1990 and 1993, and Parlour Magician of the Year in 1994. I have watched his Penguin Live Lecture too many times and still love his version of cups and balls!

Jason Ladanye

Jason Ladanye

After seeing Jason's live lecture, I immediately bought his book Game Changer. Buttery smooth sleight of hand, strong presentational skills (plus he's a student of Darwin Ortiz), Jason's false deals and routine structure are always spot on. Just watch one of his countless demonstrations on Instagram and you'll see what I mean.

Lennart Green

Lennart Green during his TED talk!

You may have seen him but weren't to sure who he was. Lennart Green did a TED talk where, as he deals cards... they vanish! This TED talk was also my first introduction into him and when you learn that during an international magic competition he was accused of cheating as the judges thought he was using trick cards (he wasn't - he performed the exact same act the year after and won), you know you're onto something special.

Darwin Ortiz

Darwin Ortiz with an Ace up his sleeve (not literally)

You can tell that if one my favourite magician's is a student of this guy, then you know he's the bees knees! With numerous publications on card cheating demos (there's a pattern emerging here) and on how to present effective magic, Darwin has been at the fore front in magic and is a prime example of what to strive for.

Honourable Mention

Myles Thornton

Myles Thornton - Contact Juggling

A real worker in the magic world and the current president of the Associated Wizards of the South (AWS for short), Myles has spent much of his time helping others perfect their craft, including me! If it wasn't for Myles' advice and direction, I wouldn't be where I was today! Myles' magic is stunning, visual and packs a punch!

Who are your favourite magicians?

Did you know any of these?

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